Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Even if the leadership is changed again and again, the care for Jiang Hexi is like a baton and it is firmly passed by the leaders. The reason for this is that the mental patient does not listen to advice, and goes one way to the dark, and he is bent on petitioning. If she succeeds in her petition, then perhaps some of the relevant leaders may fail. Therefore, replica versace belt only by giving her the mentally ill who insists on petitioning, can the leaders be invincible, and the annual treatment fee for her is just a public fee. What are the hanging teeth?

In the realistic context of the power is greater than the law, when many people place the superior’s interests and arrangements on the dignity of the law, the selection of the civilian police pool is particularly worthy of recognition. In fact, reporting violations of lawsuits by superiors should be a matter within the civil service when performing public duties. According to the definition of the Civil Service Law, civil servants refer to workers who perform their official duties according to law and are included in the state’s administrative establishment and are paid by the state finances. This shows that civil servants should have been an example of law and order.

On the contrary, we need to find out where the whistleblower information was leaked. Otherwise, who would dare to report it in the future?
it is not uncommon for news similar to a knife-and-gun increase. In recent months, at least several similar acts have been exposed by the media. As some private hospitals have been vigorously introduced in recent years, these hospitals are eager to earn money, so they use false advertising to attract patients with low prices, quality services, etc., to kill one for one, then to slaughter for two, and more patients become The slaughtered lamb. Although in these cases, because of the media intervention and doctor-patient negotiation, the hospital was forced to refund some of the expenses, but more similar infringement issues may still be submerged under the iceberg.