Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Another myth is that we pay special attention to the study of natural science knowledge, but we often neglect it. In the humanities and social sciences, scientific thinking and methods are equally important. On the one hand, we are used to qualitative analysis and fuzzy thinking, almost done, and pay little attention to empirical analysis and evidence based on data. History, for example, is the most evidence-based. But how many historians today spend their days in the archives checking out the dusty old archives? In the face of Japanese right-wing forces denying the criminal history of the war of aggression against Louis Vuitton Belt again and again, Hermes Belt historians have the responsibility and mission to extract strong evidence from the original archives to refute it. We've done some of these things, but not enough. Again, for example, today, the government and institutions at all levels of many policies, are often the result of the head, the lack of empirical research based on the data, results are constantly changing, constantly covers, while lost the scientific nature,replica hermes belt also reduces the public trust in public policy. Government and institutions at all levels of any policy, should not only find a few so-called experts to argument of leadership decision, and should establish specialized team, before the decision conscientious study and analysis of data and the actual situation, provide scientific basis for decision-making.

On the other hand, while ignoring empirical research, we blindly worship quantitative indicators, which seem to suggest that only quantitative indicators are scientific. The typical example is Hermes Belt examination and enrollment system. From primary school to graduate student recruitment, to staff recruitment and even cadre selection, the basis of talent selection is not only one point but even precision to three or four digits behind the decimal point. This is not a worship of science but a blasphemy against science.It is irresponsible to science under the banner of fairness.

I'm a education naturalist. Mr. CAI yuanpei once said, it is natural to know the educator, rather than the method of being punctual. Instead of asking for one, give me a personality. The teacher said, I have qi in my heart. According to the principle of comparative advantage of international trade, no one can also have a comparative advantage in the production of two goods, as a result, unless two people have the same opportunity cost, otherwise, a person will be a comparative advantage in the production of an item, and the other one will has comparative advantage in the production of another items. This illustrates the truth that everyone has a special value, or a place where others can use it. For educators, every child has a special gift god give him (her), parents and teachers have to do, is to try my best to help him (her) to find their own gifts, and carry forward it. Scientific literacy exists in every child's heart, and what parents and teachers have to do is to try their best to awaken the spirits that are still asleep. This seems to be common sense, but on education, it's the common sense that we tend to overlook.
I asked the students three questions in a high school teacher training class.

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